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We all get stuck. Your choice is simple, either stay stuck and frustrated that this business isn't getting off the ground- OR, get the support that will move you forward and get results! Up to you!


Video courses are great- if you want to follow someone else's plan, that was designed for their business, and their personality... But if you want a custom plan, that fits your business and your style, you need a more hands on program that caters to your unique talents... like BYOB.


Obviously I can't make any guarantees here- your success is dependent on you doing the work! But I can tell you this... My clients who do do the work usually see their first high paying client in month 2.5 of working with me. And that's high paying, paying between $4,500-$18,000. What would it feel like to make that kind of money in just a couple months?


Success loves company. Surround yourself with others who are really going for their dreams! The entrepreneur journey can be super lonely- but it doesn't have to be! BYOB is designed for community, so you don't have to go it alone.

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Growing Your Business Should Not Be a Complete Mystery


But... so far it's been mostly quiet.

You're doing "the things" each day and working hard, but you still feel:

- Unclear (not sure where you're going or what you're building)

- Unfocused (so much to do, so many shiney objects)

- Discouraged (you've tried so hard...)

Nothing you're doing seems to gain any traction - and you're doing A LOT! (Or maybe you've slowed down a little because it's super discouraging to put in so much effort with no results.)


Everyone Said Building A Business Was Hard, But You're Wondering...

1) Why is it THIS hard for me?

2) Isn't helping others supposed to be a little fulfilling and freeing?

3) And WTF do I do now? (Cause you've done a lot but... nothing has happened yet)


- Have a full-time business (that makes money), not a side hustle or hobby (that drains you)

- Serve clients you absolutely love

- Pay your bills, stress free (and have  money to spare for vacations, family, and all the good times)

- Become recognized as a leader in your industry AND a real business owner.

- Attract clients to you so you're not hustling so HARD

Whether you love working with clients 1:1, building group programs, or simply getting paid what you're worth for work you adore... one thing is absolutely clear. You're ready for the "side-hustle" phase to be over and ready to build your business.


I'm Here to Tell You...
Your Time is NOW!

I know it's not like you haven't been doing thing to get your business off the ground.
In fact, I know you've probably been working your tail off...

  • Trying to be active on social media
  • Trying to "just provide value"
  • Bought all the courses
  • Signed up for every webinar by every "Business Guru"
  • And done all the things people on the internet have said works

Here's the Problem Though...

By doing all the things that everyone else is doing... you're blending in, instead of standing out.

Think about it for a sec.

You're doing all the things, everyone else is doing too.

You're posting the same thing everyone else is, you're doing a webinar the same way everyone else is... and if you're doing the same thing they are...

Well, how do you earn attention for you and your business?


  • Katie McManus

    “Right away, Katie taught me how to structure my program and fees and in less than three months, I had my first couple of clients in my new structure. Now, I’m just a couple of months away from making my business my sole source of income! It’s not just a dream I have of ‘maybe’ doing this in a year or so. It’s a reality that’s come to life in less than six months.”

  • Katie McManus

    “Katie helped me get crystal clear on what and when I was going to launch. She didn't allow for spinning or second guessing...which is her wheelhouse.
    There is no time to hem and haw over silly decisions. I created an acuity account by watching her training videos, and a program, and started promoting within 2 days.
    I created my first group coaching program and launched it a week later. The outcome was wonderful. I learned so much about myself and what I had to offer my clients.”

  • Katie McManus

    “I would recommend Katie to new coaches who are ready to launch their private practice.
    She will equip you with SO MUCH support as a coach and as a business strategist. She is no nonsense and also super supportive and fun to work with. She is an iron fist in a velvet glove.
    If you are looking to grow your business as a coach, she is your girl! You can buy a course here and there and watch all the Youtube videos about launching and growing your will also waste a lot of time, money and won't have any support.
    Katie will get you "out there" growing your business faster than you would ever be able to do it on your own. Don't think twice, hire her TODAY!!”

  • Katie McManus

    “If you're feeling stuck about "what's next" in your marketing and business strategy, Katie is the consultant for you.
    In less than an hour, she provided insight and useful tools to help me grow my business by expanding my reach through social media. She's light years away from me in terms of her knowledge and, occasionally, I had to ask her to slow down which she graciously did.
    Katie's very creative and fun to work with and she respects you even if your level of knowledge is far below hers. The investment was well worth it. ”

  • Katie McManus

    In six months, Katie helped me land my first 5K+ monthly contract! It’s hard to quantify this right now because I’m still at the beginning of quantifiable growth - ask me again in a year!

    Katie helped me believe in the value of my work. Seeing that the work is worthy is helping me confidently talk about my services and go after bigger contracts. Katie affirmed this value every time we talked. ”

  • Katie McManus

    “Since we started working together, every metric in my business is up, I have more confidence, and I’m a better leader.

    If you need help starting or scaling a business, stop scrolling testimonials. You’ve found what you were looking for. Connect with Katie right now. You’ll be glad you did. I know I certainly am.”

The BYOB Framework
(a.k.a. The Foundations)


Discover Your Niche

When you know exactly who you DO (and don't) serve, everything else in business gets easier. You'll be crystal clear on how to describe what you do and who you help. And instead of chasing down potential clients , you'll attract them to book with you.

Craft Your Compelling Offer

When your offer is solid, noone will ever ask for "samples" of your work again. And you won't feel like you have to prove yourself before you ask for money. That's right- You'll never work for free again. You'll develop an offer that is so damn good, clients will happily pay big money to work with you.


Authentic, Strategic Marketing

Now you know exactly who you help and have an exciting offer, you'll learn the in's and out's of marketing that attracts your ideal clients to YOU instead of you hunting for them. AND, you'll learn how to do this in a way that highlights your unique strengths! This is never a one-size fits all. Your plan should work for you, and be fun to do!

Engineer Your Enrollment Call

We'll work together to make it easier than ever to enroll new clients into your program(s)... without feeling like a gross, used car salesman. Enrolling clients using Holistic Selling is all about building relationships and empowering them to invest in themselves- by hiring you. 


Heal your relationship with money

To truly build a successful business, you have to get comfortable asking for, and receiving... that's right... money. Sales calls will be SO much easier when you do this work!

Help Your Clients Kick Ass

Ah, the truly enjoyable part of business. Watching your clients succeed and get what they want from working with you. Learn how to take the client experience from ho-hum to super fans, so you not only get a killer testimonial, but endless referrals from happy former clients.


Common Mistakes I See (almost) Everyday...

  • Telling people "I'm an executive coach / digital marketer / leadership consultant" and immediately watching everyone eye's glaze over or watch them visibly scramble trying to seem politely interested. (I mean, that is a super boring intro and doesn't catch anyone's attention at all.)
  • Selling your time by the hour  People don't care what you think your hour is worth... they want results and expert guidance on how to get them. They want you to present a cohesive program that will get them the outcomes they're hungry for. 
  • Thousands of hours (and $$) invested building things that don't serve you or your clients... yet. A website, fancy logo, and an online course will do absolutely NO good for you and your business before you figure out who your ideal client is, what you even do for them, and the results that they can expect to see. 

OUCH, right? Look, I've seen these mistakes so many times and it's what's driven me to get clear on how to avoid this.

And to be clear... NO amount of training, courses, strategies, or tactics can work if you're NOT clear on a few basics of business.


Not Sexy... I know!

BUT... do you know what IS SEXY AF? Getting clients. And getting clients that come to YOU.
And pay you. Like really PAY YOU.
Over and over.

Once you nail the BYOB framework, you'll see it actually isn't that hard and painful to build and grow a successful business.

Which is why I created the BYOB Framework

To help you recover from the "hustle-porn" the coaching and consulting industry has brainwashed everyone with and finally set up your business so it WORKS for you instead of the other way around.

I Guess It's Time to Properly Introduce Myself...

Hi, I'm Katie McManus

"I believe that with the right strategy, you can do the work you love and create the lifestyle you desire… If you stop being a weenie about it."

I work with Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, who want to create a business that supports their ideal lifestyle- without sacrificing their freedom, stable income, and sanity.

And like YOU, I did all the things that got ZERO results. So. Fucking. Frustrating.

So I decided to break all the "rules" I'd been taught and forge my own way.

Registration Opens NOW and there are LIMITED Spots!
And then we kick everything off the first Thursday of the month...








  • Katie McManus

    “Katie’s wisdom surpasses her age and experience. She is a natural coach; confident, inspiring, intuitive. Trained in multiple methods, she is able to offer them separately or in an approach that suits you. I highly recommend working with Katie.”

  • Katie McManus

    “Katie is an excellent co-Active coach with the power to connect, unlock wisdom, and motivate growth. Her deep non-judgmental approach is making the coaching relationship deep and meaningful. Outside of coaching Katie is a talented project manager that gets stuff done efficiently and quickly.”

  • Katie McManus

    “Katie is an amazing coach! She's truly dedicated to her clients and astutely listens to their needs and goals. Her presence is super inspiring and helped me overcome some fears and doubts that I had. I highly recommend her as a coach!”




With the simple, but highly actionable video lessons (along with every workbook, PDF, checklist, and more to make it easy) you can follow along WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed. Each module includes action "homework" for you to implement in your biz, in real time. You're going to make more progress building your business in a few months than you have in the whole last year.



This is one of the best parts of the program. There is SO MUCH support. 3 times a month we'll have a live coaching call and Q&A call. You'll get to ask ANY and ALL questions about wherever you're at in your business, iron out how to customize the strategy to you, get individualized business advice, and make sure you're working on the right things- and not spinning your wheels. This is a safe space where NO QUESTION is off limits.



When you're working for yourself... it can be really fucking lonely. Especially when there's no one in your life who really "gets" it. The private BYOB Facebook community is designed to create lifelong friendships, mastermind groups, accountability groups, biz relationships, etc. This is a safe space to let us know the real you.



BYOB is going to be radically different than any other online "course" you've experienced. We keep our eyes glued to the weekly group calls and Facebook group. Every question asked, will receive an answer. And not like a simple thumbs up. A real, detailed answer... personalized to you, your business, and your unique situation.

Here's a big, fat truth bomb for you:

Building A Business ISN'T Easy, But It's Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE Without The Right Framework in Place.

My mission with BYOB is to help as many coaches and consultants as possible build a business ON THEIR TERMS. Whatever those terms are for YOU, chill on the couch, travel and experience new things, create family experiences, or just get paid doing something you love... I'm here to guide you to do just that.

Because what I know for damn sure is this:
Once you have the right framework in place

- Growth feel effortless

- Clients start coming to YOU

- And business becomes FUN 


But the work you'll be doing is the work that gets results instead of work that keeps you spinning your wheels and leaves you exhausted with nothing to show for it.

Sounds Good, But What Will I Be Doing?

The BYOB Outline


Module 1: Define Your Niche

You'll be able to finally STAND OUT because you'll know exactly who you're talking too.

You'll learn exactly how too...

  • Position your true expertise (and earn your niche's attention)
  • Clearly differentiate yourself from others in your space and never feel like you're competing with anyone else
  • Find your voice and finally get heard
  • Know exactly what to say to your clients so they know, on a core level that you not only get them, but are the ONLY person they trust to help them make a change.
  • Understand what social content you should be sharing to earn attention- and where you should be posting it!
Katie McManus

“I was one year into owning my consulting business and after a decent start with no marketing effort at all, I was having trouble finding clients and in six months, Katie helped me land my first 5K+ monthly contract!”


Module 2: Craft Your Offer

The offer is the most important part of your business. It's what drives people to sign up with you.

We're going to craft a truly compelling offer

  • We're going to conquer any mindsets here that are holding you back from charging what your worth
  • Get very clear on what exactly you DO and just as importantly... what you DON'T do.
  • Know exactly where to go and how to land new clients
  • Understand how to craft compelling offers so it's easy to whip up new packages when you're ready.
Katie McManus

“I was a 1 out of 10 in confidence in creating a group program. Now, I am a 7 out of 10. I know I just have to decide and start selling it. I've learned how to make quick decisions and more than anything increased confidence in my ability to create, launch and sell a program!”


Module 3: Authentic Marketing

So much "marketing" out there feels so sleazy and misleading... we're going to do it a better way.

The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.

  • Get clear on what exactly "marketing" is and how you really leverage it for growth
  • Have an exact plan on how to "get the word out" quickly and easily
  • Start using social media intentionally (so you actually get clients) without burning yourself out.
  • Have everything you need to confidently and (enthusiastically) start telling the world about who you are and how you help
Katie McManus

“If you're feeling stuck about "what's next" in your marketing and business strategy, Katie is the consultant for you. In less than an hour, she provided insight and useful tools to help me grow my business by expanding my reach through social media.”


Module 4: Holistic Selling... A.K.A. Enrollment Calls

Selling can feel so *stressful*. We're going to fix all that for you.

We're going to engineer your enrollment calls by training you on how to make them Holistic.

  • Step 1? Overcome any and all mindset hurdles (and there are A LOT) around selling and asking for money
  • Take potential clients through a structured call designed to build a relationship and set you up for success
  • Learn how to ask for the sale in the right way (that doesn't feel sleazy)
  • Follow up quickly and effectively (NO more waiting by the phone for potential clients to "get back to you")
Katie McManus

“I finally have confidence in my sales call.
I'm clear on my packages and my client journey, so when I get on a chemistry call I know exactly what I'm enrolling them into. I no longer overthink it. Business is so much easier.”


Module 5: Help Clients Kick Ass

This module is everything you need to know about how to work with clients and keep them paying you over and over.

  • Learn the back end systems and processes you need in place to manage clients
  • Identity the quick wins and major milestones you help clients achieve and celebrate with them
  • Understanding client feedback and how to adjust when needed
  • Deliver and wow so your clients refer the people they know to you.

What Happens After?



Bonus 1: Personalized DISC Assessment

This module is critical in learning how to sell to different personality types. You'll discover what your natural enrollment style is and how to adjust so everyone you talk to feels like you "get them".


Bonus 2: Social Media Templates

This module includes 10 of my best templates for social media posts that get your ideal clients booking calls on YOUR calendar- without you chasing them down or sending awkward DM's...


Bonus 3: Your Capacity Schedule

This module is your secret to NEVER burning out again! Once your business starts growing, it's easy to over commit yourself, and your time, unless you figure out what your ultimate capacity is. This is critical if you want to figure out your next stage of scaling beyond 1-1 and small group clients.

In Other Words, Everything You Need to Grow Your Business








Katie McManus

“I got a vision built for what I am trying to achieve; I built my sales plan and implemented the first round of it, and I got clients as a result of it. I am equipped to keep going with this strategy on my own and achieve what I need to achieve within the next year!”

Katie McManus

“The information Katie provided was incredibly helpful. I feel more confident and uplifted as I practice the skills Katie shared. I believe sales is now doable for me. My fears are slowly dissolving and having less of a grip on me.”

Katie McManus

“I booked an appointment with Katie in a low moment in my business when I had lost my clarity and confidence. By the end of our call I had my confidence back, had moved past the roadblocks, and had a clear strategy to execute. She has an amazing ability to zero in on what's going on with you as a person and see how that is getting in the way of your success. I highly recommend working with Katie!”

So... How Does This Help Me Get Clients?

The foundations we teach in the BYOB program are absolutely ESSENTIAL for getting clients. Regardless of the hottest new marketing "strategy" that internet guru's teach, these foundations will always apply. It's basically impossible to write blog posts, run any ads, or create effective social media content without these core foundations in place.

Right now, you're spinning your wheels putting out vague, "vanilla" content that gets a few likes here or there, because you're missing these foundations. You haven't done the work (yet) to make sure your niche, message, and offer gets your audience excited. So what happens? They scroll right past your content, never giving you a second thought.

After BYOB? You'll know exactly how to speak directly to your niche so they STOP, CLICK, and then BUY!

Sounds Hard... When Will I See Results?

Many students make their money back WHILE they're still in the program. Of course, results do vary, and depending on your specific situation, time you've spent actually doing the work, how committed you are to taking action, getting past the mindsets that are holding you back, etc.

Many students go on to make 6-figures and MORE in their business using what they learned during the program. Those kinds of results take time, but BYOB will absolutely give you the proper foundation for a 6-figure business.



You've Taken Other Courses (that didn't get you results)

I get it- I bought ALL the video courses when I was starting off- I would watch the first video, and either get bored, think "oh this won't work for me", or get frustrated with ALL the useless fluff they stuffed the video with. 

Don't Have Enough Time

This program is DESIGNED to cut all the wheel spinning, useless work that so many new business owners overwhelm themselves with. You'll have 3 90-minute calls a month for group coaching, and the training modules are NO FLUFF. Just pure HOW TO.

Not Tech-Savvy

No problem. I train on the basics of how to set up simple back-end systems that work for you. The more advanced stuff you won't need to worry about till you hit your first 6-figures, and at that point, you'll be able to afford to outsource it if you want!

Ready to Learn What It Actually
Takes to Get Clients For Your Business?

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